What's new

February 2020

  • Qlik Cloud Services (Business and Enterprise) and Qlik Sense Enterprise on Kubernetes support. See installation instructions here.

  • Preview in the Qlik Sense Edit mode works now in the same way as component visualize data in the Analysis mode. To open up the PowerKPI editor a developer should click on a button in the top left corner of the component or, as another option, open Visualizations sections on the property panel and then expand an appropriate visualization and click on the "Edit template" button. The editor will be loaded and shown instead of a visualization.

  • Editor context menu has been added to increase a developer productivity. Toolbar panel can be collapsed and expanded now.

  • Developers productivity enhancements - ability to create a visualization template in couple of clicks. The "Dimensions/Measures" panel automatically opens up when new visualization created. "Apply all" button allows developers to apply and use all dimensions and measures configured on the data sections of the property panel. It also applies predefined set of actions like "Sort", "Alternative dimensions/measures", "Searchable dimension", "Select dimension value", etc.

  • Quick add rows/columns buttons

  • Native or Virtual scrolling mode for tables. Native mode uses native pageable scroll in which the "Load more" or "Load previous" buttons can be used to load the next or previous page of the data, while virtual scrolling mode allows to scroll the entire dataset.

  • "Fit height" quick button. It allows to set mode in which it will shrink or stretch a visualization to fit the occupied by the component area.

  • Dimensions and measures popup menu. Double click on a cell or use Ctrl + Space (⌘ + Space) to open up the dimensions and measures popup menu.

  • Apply styles action allows to conditionally apply styles on a cell. See the action description here.

  • Apply symbol action allows conditionally add an icon to a measure. See the action description here.

  • Editor keyboard shortcuts enhancements

Keyboard arrows keys allow to navigate between cells;

Hold Shift and use arrows to select cells;

Ctrl + Alt + P (⌘ + Alt + P) - preview mode;

Ctrl + Alt + E (⌘ + Alt + E) - edit mode (for selected component);

Ctrl + Alt + C (⌘ + Alt + C) - copy a cell content (including styling options and actions);

Ctrl + Alt + V (⌘ + Alt + V) - paste copied cell content;

Ctrl + Space (⌘ + Space) - opens up the dimensions and measures popup menu.

See full editor keyboard shortcuts list here.

  • and other performance improvements and bug fixes.