There is a predefined set of actions based on Qlik stable API:

  • Set variable” action allows you not only to create and set variables with custom values or using expressions, but also to set variables based on a “current” dataset row dimensions and measure values

  • Activate view” action allows you to interactively visualize one from predefined sets of visualization templates. Users can manually activate views in accordance with user interactions (clicking and tapping) or conditionally - using expression;

  • Go to sheet”, “Next sheet”, “Previous sheet”, “Go to story”, “Go to url” allow business users in just one click to open the appropriate business data context – sheet, story or even another application;

  • Select values”, “Select all”, “Select match”, “Select alternative”, “Select possible”, “Select excluded”, “Toggle select”, “Clear”, “Clear all”, “Clear other”, “Lock”, “Lock all”, “Unlock”, “Unlock all”, “Create bookmark”, “Apply bookmark”, “Remove bookmark” set of actions allows you to extend standard based selections model with custom selections scenarios during user interaction with data visualizations;

  • Reload”, “Partial reload” actions allow you to load data on demand;

  • Export data” action allows you to export data not only from the current data view but also from any predefined master visualization item;

  • Value color” and “Mini chart” actions allow you to represent numbers in one of graphically predefined ways;

  • Zoom in” and “Zoom out” actions allow you to expand visualization in full screen mode and close it;

  • Sort” action allows you to apply or remove interactive sorting capability for each column separately (in case of table representations);

  • Alternative dimensions/measures” action allows you to apply or remove interactive dimensions and measures buttons separately for each data column labels;

  • Searchable dimension” action allows you to apply or remove search functionality for each individual dimension column;

  • "Show dialog" allows you to use a custom popup dialog with a content formatted using HTML and embedding master visualizations support;

  • "Show tooltip" allows you to create custom tooltips with possibility to use HTML;

  • "Show sidebar" allows you to show a sidebar with some content;

  • "Show popover" allows you to show a popup window with some content;

  • and others.

See the detailed description of the actions in the following sections.

There are object-level actions ("General" tab) and cell-level actions ("Cells" tab). When the user clicks on a visualization, the object-level action fires first, followed by the cell-level actions.

You can apply the set of actions to any cell or cells to make the visualization more interactive and functional.

Some actions are applicable on a cell with a bonded dimension, some - with a measure, and there are actions which can be applied on any cell.

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