Power KPI


Select the appropriate cells containing measures and labels. You can make the selection by holding Ctrl key and clicking the required cells or making range selections from top left corner down to bottom right corner holding right mouse key.
To horizontally center all the data inside each selected cell, click "Center"
toolbar button (or use "Ctrl + J" keyboard shortcut).
Apply vertical middle alignment clicking "Middle"
toolbar button (or use "Ctrl + Alt + J" keyboard shortcut).
Click “Preview” tab.
Numbers and labels are now properly aligned.
Go to Data section of the properties panel, expand the first measure and set the approppriate number format. Apply similar number formatting with all the measures. During format changing you will immediately see changes in the “Preview” mode.
Let's apply another font on our KPIs. Return to edit mode by clicking "New visualization" tab
. Cell selections should still remain active. Change font to Comfortaa, for example.
Open “Preview” again to be able to see the latest changes.