Measures binding

Data panel will show all the measures which have been added to the Data section of the properties panel.

Each dimension and measure contain “Label” button, which will allow you to bind dimension/measure label within the template.

Each measure, except the “Label” button, contains “Totals” button. It allows you to bind total calculated for the appropriate measure within the template. It makes sense to use “Totals” when constructing table-like templates.

To bind a measure/dimension with the appropriate cell, select a cell and click the appropriate measure/dimension. Or, if you prefer, drag the data item (dimension or measure) onto the template and drop it on the appropriate cell. In such a way you will bind your data assets (dimensions and measures) with the designed template.

The bonded item will become grey and the data asset item icon will change accordingly.

Click “Save” button to save changes.

Click “Preview” tab on the top of the component editor to preview the visualization.

To improve our visualization template, we should make some further steps - apply alignment, fonts and number formatting.

Switch back to the edit mode by clicking editor tab (with pencil icon before the template name – “New visualization” in our case).

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