Value color

The action will set the font color, background color or border color by using the measure value and the one of the predefined algorithms: “Positive/Negative”, “Less than 100%”, “Heatmap”.

This action can be applied on a cell linked with the dimension or measure

Choose "Font color", "Background color", "Line" or "Symbol" to apply selected algorithm on particular property. Font or background color can be set for particular cell with the help of the action. In case of the "Line" property a border color will be set with the help of the action (if the borders were applied on the cell). The icon color can be set by selecting "Symbol" value.


All positive and negative values will be colored in the selected colors.

Less than 100%

The color will be applied on a cell with a measure depending on the measure value: if it is less, greater or equal to 1.


Applies one of the predefined heatmap color schemes.

With the help of “Custom” option you will be able to change "Min", "Average" and/or "Max" parameters and specify colors for minimum, average and maximum values. It allows building custom heatmap color schemes.

Text color expression

This option allows to set a "Font color", "Background color", "Line" or "Symbol" color by using the "Text color expression" for a measure. It has no parameters.

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