Show popover

The action allows the developer to show a popup window with a given width and height. It supports HTML as well as embedding master visualizations.

The "Value" parameter defines the body of a popup window. HTML can be used to format the content.

A Qlik expression can be used in the “Value” parameter by prefixing it with an equals sign and a text content should be enclosed with single quotes.

It is possible to embedd a master visualization using the following syntax:

$object_id{css styles}

object_id - identifier of the master visualization object.

css styles - the CSS styles to apply to the embedded object.


$9bc03224-f072-439f-b0de-3014860d4f8a{width:100%;height: 40px}

The "Width" and "Height" parameters allow the developer to set the size of the popup in pixels.

The "z-index" CSS property sets the z-order of a popover. Overlapping elements with a larger z-index cover those with a smaller one.

The "Close Button" checkbox determines how the popover is closed. If the "Close Button" check box is set, the pop-up window can be closed by clicking the close icon. Otherwise, the popup window can be closed by clicking on any object on the sheet outside the popup window.

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