It allows you to set title, subtitle and footnote.

“Alternate states” subsection can be used to apply an alternate state for an object. See Qlik Sense documentation for more details.

“Settings” subsection allows you to disable and hide “Export”, “Export data”, “View data” context menu options.

It also allows you to replace url in a browser adding a hashtag link of the active visualization using History API. Such option can be activated by setting "Replace "URL".

With custom themes developers can style Power KPI visualizations by applying custom classes using the "CSS classes" parameter.

For example, by defining the following classes inside a custom theme, you can achieve the following effects:

.qv-object-powerkpi .powerkpi-theme {
  background: linear-gradient(#f2f2f2, white) !important;
  border: solid 1px #f2f2f2;
  border-radius: 5px;

.qv-object-powerkpi .powerkpi-theme:hover  {
  background: linear-gradient(#CFF0F8, white) !important;
  border: solid 1px #3b93bd;

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